Brad Pitt talks renegade 'Troy'

Try not to let Brad Pitt's Ladybug fool you in "Shot Train."

In the trailer alone for the activity satire, Pitt's inquisitively code-named

a glass entryway and pulled out of the great speed Japanese train.

Not an issue for Pitt. Indeed, even at the street tried age of 58,

It was dependably, 'On the off chance that it will hurt,

chuckling during a Zoom call with Leitch, 46.

"I've never had a trick twofold like Dave,

 It's simply unique at this point. And afterward he turns into a chief, 

It's simply an astounding story. Something like this doesn't occur."

As "Shot Train" leaves the station for theaters on Friday,

Pitt and Leitch think back on their occasionally excruciating,

continuously charming trick history in real life films like "Battle Club,"

Just in Hollywood.    "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" and "Troy."

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