This actor became number one in the matter of paying tax,
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This actor became number one in the matter of paying tax,

got the award Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar always does some such feat which remains in the headlines. Now this time also his name is in discussions. Actually Akshay is busy with many of his projects these days, one of his films is not released that he gets busy in the promotion or shooting of another film.

In today’s time, actor Akshay Kumar, who is called the ‘hit machine’ of Bollywood, has once again proved to be the number one (Highest Taxpayer Actor Of 2022) in the matter of filling taxes. In fact, he has been the Highest Taxpayer for the last five years and this time too he was at the forefront of paying taxes in the entertainment industry.

According to the information received, his team has received this letter from Akshay, as he is currently shooting for his upcoming film with Tinu Desai in UK. Let us tell you that Akshay Kumar is the highest tax paid actor in the film industry.

At the same time, in this regard, the Income Tax Department has now issued a letter of honor to Akshay Kumar and through this Akshay Kumar has once again become a role model for everyone. At this time, a photo of the letter of honor given to Akshay is also going viral on social media and his discussion too.

You know that he has paid tax of 29.5 crores this time and on the other hand Akshay Kumar is currently Tinu Desai’s upcoming film. He is in UK to shoot the film. In fact, he is busy shooting for Jaswant Singh’s biopic in England. There are reports that Akshay will come to India in the first week of August and after that he will be busy promoting his film Rakshabandhan.