Rahul Bose B'day: Rahul Bose won the silver medal in boxing, took the decision not to get married at the age of 18
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Rahul Bose B’day: Rahul Bose won the silver medal in boxing, took the decision not to get married at the age of 18

Happy Birthday Rahul Bose: Bollywood’s veteran actor Rahul Bose has also been a rugby player.  For 8 years, he has played this game at a big level.  Today is the birthday of the actor.  Let us know today on Rahul’s birthday, which sport does the actor love so much.

Happy Birthday Rahul Bose: Rahul Bose was born on 27 July 1967 to Rupen and Kumud Bose.  The actor describes himself as half Bengali, one quarter Punjabi and one quarter Maharashtrian.  By profession, Rahul is an actor, director, scriptwriter, social worker as well as a rugby player.  Along with Bengali, Bose has also worked in Hindi films.

This year the actor is celebrating his 55th birthday. Rahul was dubbed as ‘The Superstar of Indian Arthouse Cinema’ by the prestigious Time magazine because of his work in films like ‘English’, ‘August’ and ‘Mr and Mrs Iyer’.  Apart from this, Maxim described him as ‘The Scene Pain of Oriental Cinema’.

Actor Rahul Bose was seen in the ‘Netflix’ series ‘Eternally Confused and Eager for Love’ in 2022 in the role of the father of a young man, who is struggling hard to understand his feelings.  Recalling his youth, Bose said he was still very clear that he wanted a “beautiful relationship” but would never want to convert it into a marriage.  When Bose, who shared very little information about his personal life, was asked at which stage of his age he thought about love the most. To this, 55-year-old Bose told PTI, “What should I tell you?  To what extent did I want love?  But at the age of 18, I had decided never to get married. 

Then my mother said that “we will see in the coming five or 10 years”.  Had she been alive, she would have realized that I was right.  Rahul has been a professional rugby player for more than 10 years.  Today is his birthday, let’s get to know him closely today.  Where he retired from his team in the year 2008.  He has also participated in the Asian Federation Rugby Championship for 8 years.  Rahul has played cricket under Saif Ali Khan’s father Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi.  Rahul has also done boxing during his school.  Where he won the silver medal in this game.  Before joining acting, Rahul used to work in the advertising company Radifusion. His first film English was released in August.

Not only this, the actor has done a lot of work in Bollywood films as well as in Bengali cinema.  Where he was well-liked by the audience.  After the death of his mother, Rahul Bose started working as a copywriter.  But after a few days, he left this work and started working in films and his first film ‘English’ and ‘August’ were released, last seen in the series of ‘Netflix’.