Gargi Review: Amazing acting by Sai Pallavi
Gargi Review: Amazing acting by Sai Pallavi

Directed by Gowtham Ramachandran and starring Sai Pallavi and Kali Venkat, Gargi is releasing tomorrow, July 15. From playing the heroine in a film to the heroine of the story, many actresses are currently acting in films. 

A nine-year-old girl was raped by four youths from the north.  People were deeply shocked by this news. Sai Pallavi’s father RS ​​is the fifth person in this case.  Shivaji also surrendered.  Due to this Saipalavi’s family is facing difficulties. 

Did Sai Pallavi save his father from legal battles?

What happened to him at the end of Karki Movie Online. The film has been released by Suriya’s 2D company.  The film has been released in Tamil Nadu by Shakti Film Factory. Sai Pallavi played the role of a school teacher in Karki.  She looks very simple yet beautiful without any heavy makeup. 

She looks like our girl throughout the movie.  Sai Pallavi’s realistic acting draws us into the story without having to think about anything. Sai Pallavi has shown such a great performance in emotional scenes that we too become emotional. 

Sai Pallavi is getting accolades at many places as a daughter trying to save her father.  There are doubts about whether Kaali Venkat, who plays a lawyer, will get a better film again.  He entertains through his online presence in many places.